Getting Ready for TOP6 Germany

I’m looking forward to meeting our group of science and mathematics teachers at today’s orientation. We did brief introductions during pre-trip webinars, and it looks like a great group of amazingly talented and passionate educators.

There’s been a lot of chatter on our What’sApp group about packing and logistics of travel. The packing list was comprehensive, but indicated many more outfits than I would normally bring on a trip like this. I’d love to fit everything into my smaller carry-on size suitcase, so we’ll see what I eliminate from the long list.

The pre-trip reading assignments included articles on Germany’s political system, education, workforce development, and demographics, reflecting current social and political issues. As part of the application process to the TOP program, we each had to develop a lesson plan based on German science and engineering as highlighted in a curated set of articles. I wrote a plan to have 5th graders, as part of their earth science unit investigations on natural resources, explore concrete, reinforced with natural fabrics instead of steel rebar. I look forward to teaching this lesson with my students in the fall.