We were sad to leave the wonderful friendly people we met in Zambia. Our week there went by too quickly!  As a protectorate of Britian rather than a colony, they gained independence in 1964. The Zambian flag is a fish eagle on a dark green background, representing freedom and nature, with three stripes: Orange for cooper and their other minerals, red for the fight for freedom, and black for the people. 

 When we arrived at the Livingstone Airport, we learned that is has been renamed after Mpundu Mutembo, a freedom fighter.  His statue was outside, covered up with cloth wrappings, awaiting its unveiling when the country’s new president is able to come for the ceremony.  Our driver, AJ, told us wonderful stories about the city, its history, and wildlife. He grew up in the town, and attended the local school. We were so pleased that he escorted us for much of the trip. 

 On our last night, Captain Vinnie was persuaded to take us to Livingstone Island, right at the top of the Falls. We sped across the zambezie as the sun set, hopped off the boat, and hiked to Angel’s Pool. While the sky turned from blue to pink, Emma, Andrew, Kate, and Tracy  hopped in the river just a few feet from the huge cascade (the rest of us didn’t have on our bathing suits for this spur of the moment trip) . By the time we got back to the boat, it was quite dark, but Capt. Vinnie zoomed back to the dock by moonlight, knowing the rocks, currents, and hippo habitats by heart.
 Edward, the front desk general manager garbed in a memorable red shirt, waistcoat, and beret, made sure we were well taken care of.  Kabuku, our butler, helped Patrick celebrate his birthday with a floral tribute using roses grown on the estate.

Yes, all these folks are in the hospitality business, but their friendliness was genuine.